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Before Rolo, Ann led the entrepreneurial product teams at Airbnb, Airbnb Photography, and Airbnb Neighborhoods. Before this, she was the CEO and Co-Founder of NabeWise, a neighborhood discovery platform for people moving and traveling, which she sold to Airbnb in 2012.

Ann grew up in Ann Arbor and has an English degree from the University of Michigan. Her favorite collections in Rolo are: #aarongratitude, #houseprojects, and #miltyadventures.

Before Rolo, Justin led the Platforms & Guest Experience product teams at Airbnb, winning hearts and a few awards in the process. Before that, he spent nearly 10 years at Apple, where he led the development of FaceTime, iMessage, and CarPlay, and was an engineer on the original iPhone team.

Justin grew up in El Paso and has a CS degree from Stanford. His favorite collections in Rolo are #kittyoncomputer, #bestwifeever, and #travel.

Justin Santamaria


JP Stallard


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Christy Knutson

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Jen Shim


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We're smart, passionate people who are determined to make the way we remember and share our lives online more meaningful.

Why should our memories live in a giant pile on our phones? Why should share-to-everyone-we've-ever-met be how we share our lives? We're building Rolo because we know there's a better way. If you feel the same, we'd love to hear from you!

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